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System X  Max has a LIFETIMEWARRANTY on automobiles & motorcycles, 5-Year warranty on boats,3-Year warranty on Powersports, Rv’s, & fleet vehicles, and 2-Year warranty on aircrafts when installed by an Accredited Installation Center like Sait's Detail and annual inspection requirements are met. 


Saint’s is also committed to not up selling additional products to our clients while standing by our pricing regardless of situational shortfalls requiring more Labor and material.


Once we have helped you determine the detail that your boats required prior to cermaic coating and with an agreed  price it will not exceed it and all ceramic coating options are include:


  • System X Interior that protects all your interior surfaces, such as fabric seats, carpet, leather, and vinyl with a single professional coating.
  • System X Revive that rejuvenates plastics and trims back to life and protects from future UV fading and wear.
  • System X Glass that protects your windshields, windscreens, windows, mirrors, headlamps, and glass surfaces for up to a full 2 years!
  • Free Mobil Fee* for your first required maintenance detail (* UP TO 10 MILES

Boat Ceramic Coating Annual Maintenace Detail

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