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FAQ-Friday! (Automotive P2)

Ok so as promised we will be continuing with our FAQ Friday Blogs weekly to share some of our knowledge and experience for all you DIY clients and our valued current & future customers!

Some of the most common and most popular conversation/Decisions in the detailing market today is about Ceramic Coating and while it’s a very competitive market we also offer this service but only for the avid vehicle, plane and boat enthusiast and for those that want to protect their investment with a lifetime warranty product because these types of ceramic coating in our opinion have the “Value” in the long run! And remember it still all starts with the basics of a fresh uncontaminated surface or you will be wasting time and money on your maintenance needs.

Hopefully these FAQs with my Answers/Opinions and Recommendations will help you make some good decisions moving forward when it comes to maintaining your investments. Please reach out if you have any questions.

First comment that can answer my question below properly will be rewarded with a free basic detail valued at $150 or it can be used for credit on larger projects.

(Automotive P1) FAQ:

Q: What is Ceramic coating?

A: Most ceramic coatings are Made of silicon dioxide and is a type of clear semi-permanent Paint/Gel-Coat protection. It is not bullet proof and it won't guard against stone chips, Hard water (Without Maintenance) or scratches but it will protect your exterior from things like tree sap, bird droppings (With Maintenance), bug guts, most water, fading and oxidation.

· Ceramic protectants (coatings) provide much higher durability than wax. They resist heat, UV rays, environmental contaminants & harsh detergents much better than wax. Wax on the other hand simply sits on top of the paint's surface. It does not create a chemical bond like you find with ceramic coatings.

Recommendation: You had to know this was coming 😉 call SAINTS DETAIL! This investment is the most important and is a process done most of the time by a professional or someone with some experience with detailing machines. Transparency is the key to our business model, and we offer some direct pricing on our website that you’re welcome to check out! But continue to read below because determining a price for your unit will take a consultation and determination of this being a good fit for your unit.

Q: Why do the estimates vary in price so much?

A: In order to properly apply ceramic coating, you must ensure your surface area is not only clean of contaminants but also as close to its factory condition as possible and this varies per unit. Every unit is different and even brand-new units require some work. This is referred to as Paint correction.

· Newer and/or well-maintained units can usually utilize a “1 step paint correction” that normally includes an aggressive detergent base car wash, clay bar decontamination, and most importantly a machine polish. Once this process is done you must completely remove all the material used to complete your paint correction and apply your coating to your painted surfaces and wheels and requires a 24hour dwell/Cure time in a controlled environment to assure the coating adheres properly. Then a final detail to include Vacuum, tires and wipe down interior with ceramic coating of your windows and interior with ceramic sprays. This is all included for our clients!

· Older units or units that have a lot of contaminants or that have never been 1 step corrected with no substantial paint issue will require a “2 Step Paint Correction” that is the same process as a 1 step but add the machine buffing process prior to polishing.

· Units with substantial paint issues will require a partial or full “3 Step paint corrections” and this includes wet-sanding areas or the entire unit prior to the 2 steps above.

Recommendation: Hello! Of course, 😉 call SAINTS DETAIL! These processes are the most important steps for a quality job and should be done by a professional or someone with some experience with detailing machines and this is WHY pricing can vary so much. If you fail with determining what is needed and don’t assure your paint is corrected properly then you just throw money down the drain, and you will not get the investment you expected. We have made the wrong calls ourselves and a lot of the time it takes testing to assure you’re doing enough but if we quote it, we do what’s needed regardless to stand by our estimate.

Q: How do I decide if I should invest in ceramic coating for my unit?

A: This is a great question because ceramic coating is not always a great decision for certain units. We have talked several customers out of it because it is not a worth the investment if it is not going to help you in the long run! Here are couple of questions to ask yourself and factors to think about:

· Is your vehicle Newer and if so, is it well maintained? If you just purchased a new unit, for example an +/- $60k and you’re going to keep it for 10 or more years, then for sure this is a good decision because you’re not only going to protect your investment but also save a ton of money on maintenance.

· Most ceramic coatings only require a rinse and dry when you have build up due to weather conditions like light mud, pollen or light dirt from driving in the rain while you will also be surprised when it rains because it also acts like a rinse! Then light washes every couple month’s if needed so ultimately this is saving you from the quarterly details and annually waxes and or polishes.

· Is your unit is older and are you going to keep it another 10 years? Older units like your daily drivers, or ones that carry a value less than 10k are not always good candidates for ceramic coating because in the long run you are more than likely not going to recoup your investment.

· Another good decision is for your classics or almost any boat with sentimental value because you’re also probably going to keep it more than 10 years.

Recommendation: This investment can be a great decision for your unit and also increase or carry your value because most of the higher line ceramic coatings have a lifetime warranty that also have the ability to report the investment to Carfax! This will be carrying your value and increase it but more importantly if you get in an unfortunate incident and need to re-apply the coating, your insurance company should cover that because it is well documented and pay to re-apply after your repairs are completed but they cannot be re-applied until after 30 days if any paint work done.

Free detail question to the first correct answer:

What is included in all Saint’s Details Ceramic coatings detailing?

Thank you again for your time and I hope you enjoyed the information while also hoping it helped you understand more about automotive detailing. Feel free to comment if you have any additional questions or PM direct.

Next week we will do Off-Season Boat Maintenance needs with FAQs regarding winterizing boats in NC!

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